Dyson Vacuum Cleaners, thanks to technological innovations such as Root Cyclone and Ball technology, are cutting edge and highly effective

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About Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

Dyson Root Cyclone Technology Frustrated with the performance of other vacuum cleaners, with which dust would clog the bags and lead to a loss of suction, James Dyson went about designing bagless vacuum cleaners. The idea was to invent a vacuum cleaner which does not lose suction. Once eventually launched, the Dyson Dual Cyclone could claim to be the fastest selling vacuum cleaner in the UK – ever!

Dyson cleaners incorporate leading edge vacuum technology. At the core of this technology is Root Cyclone. Invented 30 years ago, this has been refined and improved across product generations, and is patent-protected– you can find it only in Dyson cleaners!

Dyson Ball Technology Seeing the scope to improve the manoeuvrability of Dyson cleaners, the Dyson Ball technology was introduced. Unlike upright cleaners which sit on four fixed wheels, Dyson cleaners which incorporate Ball technology – such as the Dyson DC24 Allfloors, Dyson DC25 Allfloors and Dyson DC25 Animal – enable you to turn corners easily, overcome obstacles and make reaching those hard-to-reach places much easier. Thanks to such flexible steering, vacuuming can become a joy rather than a chore with a Dyson cleaner which incorporates Ball technology!